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David Shiffman, Ph.D.

Dr. David Shiffman is a marine conservation biologist who studies threatened sharks and how to protect them.

The International Fisheries Management Body Divers Should Know About

ICCAT helps set sustainable fisheries management quotas for tuna species in the Atlantic Ocean. Here’s what to know and how to get involved.

Sea Cucumbers: Everything There Is to Know

In this edition of “Ask a Marine Biologist,” Dr. David Shiffman discusses one of the ocean’s most likable echinoderm.

What Remains Unknown About the Deep Sea?

The latest "Ask a Marine Biologist" 

How Scuba Divers Are Helping to Save the Critically Endangered Angel Shark

What organizations do divers need to know about? Dr. David Shiffman features the Angel Shark Project. The Angel Shark Project and Angel Shark Conservation Network use data from scuba divers to understand and protect critically endangered sharks.

What Can Divers Do to Help With Ocean Plastic Pollution?

In this edition of “Ask a Marine Biologist,” Dr. David Shiffman shares what individuals can do to help fight the scourge of ocean pollution.

Minorities in Shark Sciences Makes Marine Biology and Conservation Accessible to All

This month's organizations divers should know highlights Minorities in Shark Sciences. MISS provides community and professional development opportunities and internships to people historically excluded from ocean science.

Tuna, Mercury and Bioaccumulation: Have Humans Made it Worse?

In this edition of “Ask a Marine Biologist,” Dr. David Shiffman explains the health reasons behind limiting how much apex predator you eat.

The Shark, Billfish and Tuna Organization All Divers Should Know About

Dr. David Shiffman shares his "organizations divers should know about" pick of the month featuring NOAA Highly Migratory Species Division.

Do Sharks Behave Differently at Night?

Latest Ask a Marine Biologist