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Ask DAN: What Do I Need to Know About Scuba Cylinder Safety?

Experts from Divers Alert Network answer your questions about cylinder safety, including reasons why tanks rupture and how to keep yourself safe.

Top Techniques to Equalize Your Ears When Diving

Experts from DAN break down what to do with pesky ears, including how to perform various equalization methods and when.

Ask DAN: How Do You Treat Decompression Sickness?

DCS is rare, but it’s a condition all divers need to be prepared for. We spoke with the pros at Divers Alert Network to learn what to do if it happens to you or someone you’re diving with.

Ask DAN: How do I shore dive safely?

Everything you need to know to prepare for your next shore dive.

ASK DAN: How Does Heart Health Impact My Diving?

By adopting a physically active lifestyle, and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system divers can reduce the risk of potential complications and fully embrace the wonders of exploring the underwater world.

Ask DAN: How Can I Stay Warmer Underwater?

Preparing for cold temperatures is important when getting ready for dives.

ASK DAN: How Can I Minimize My Decompression Stress?

Factors to review to prevent decompression sickness (DCS).

Ask DAN: What Should I Know About Oxygen Toxicity?

Everything you always wanted to know about oxygen toxicity, including what's happening as well as signs and symptoms.

ASK DAN: What Are Some Hazards Of Poor Buoyancy Control?

A diver’s buoyancy is dynamic, constantly altered by pressure as the diver ascends and descends.