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Kristin Paterakis

Kristin Paterakis is a double Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker with a diverse background in marine science, geology and cultural anthropology. Her journey into visual storytelling began during graduate school, conducting research in Baja California Sur, using digital storytelling to unveil the complexities of shark fishing. She joined the Scuba Diving magazine in 2023 as the digital editor and content creation specialist.
A self-taught underwater photographer and videographer, Kristin has been featured by National Geographic, the Field Museum and Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium. As an open water scuba instructor and certified tech, rebreather, freediver and cave diver, she shares her passion for the underwater world through visual storytelling and writing.
In her downtime, you'll find Kristin diving (shocking!), tending to her collection of plants, playing with her pup Zoe or savoring homemade vegetarian tacos and spanakopita. A true explorer, Kristin aspires to educate audiences with her underwater tales and dedication to marine conservation.

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