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Top 25 Reasons to Visit Saint Lucia

Everything about this Eastern Caribbean island will astonish you with its unique beauty — the blues of the ocean, emerald rainforests, colorful coral reefs, majestic Pitons and friendly people.

Key West, Florida Keys

Key West offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation for divers and non-divers alike.

Marathon, Florida Keys

Marathon, with its stunning underwater landscapes and a variety of on-land activities, is a destination that caters to both diving enthusiasts and those seeking a well-rounded Florida Keys experience.

Islamorada, Florida Keys

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a water sports lover, or someone seeking a relaxing beach vacation, Islamorada has something to offer.

Key Largo, Florida Keys

Key Largo offers a perfect blend of underwater adventures and on-land activities, making it a popular destination for divers, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking a tropical getaway.

Big Pine Key and Lower Keys, Fla.

The combination of underwater wonders and on-land attractions makes the Lower Keys a well-rounded destination for nature lovers and water enthusiasts alike.

The Wonders of the Red Sea with All Star

Scuba diving in the Red Sea with All Star Liveaboards offers an unforgettable underwater adventure in one of the world's most renowned marine environments.

The Bonaire Bond and Divers

Diving in Bonaire is often considered a paradise for underwater enthusiasts, offering some of the best shore diving experiences in the world.

Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire: 10 Reasons to Go

Buddy Dive Resort is a premier scuba diving destination that caters to divers of all levels. With its prime beachfront location and easy access to over 60 shore dive sites, the resort offers an unmatched diving experience in the Caribbean.