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Finding Common Ground Between Divers and Seabirds

Seabirds are adept divers. They just do things a bit differently than we do, since their “dive equipment” is built-in. Here’s what it’s like when these pelagic birds take the plunge.

Megafauna vs. Microcritters: Which Is More Popular?

Who wins the competition to capture the attention of divers the most? Charismatic megafauna may seem like the obvious answer, but don’t discount the captivating allure of microcritters.

An Unexpected Friendship With Vermillion Rockfish

Personalities abound underwater—if you’re paying attention. See how one scientist changed their approach to navigating the depths by starting to think of fauna as friendly encounters, not just subjects to be documented.

Why We’re Suckers for Becoming an Octopus’s Student

Few ocean critters are more charismatic than captivating cephalopods—squid, octopuses, cuttlefishes, nautiluses—and as divers, we can't get enough.

Evolutionary Drift: An Interview with Our Closest Invertebrate Relatives

Enjoy an enlightening interview with a twist of deep ocean humor.

H2Organisms: Exploring the Intricate World Below the Surface

Take a deep dive into learning about the gelatinous animals that make for a wondrous, watery world.

Jellyfish and the Art of Mindful Underwater Photography

Scuba diving with a camera can be overcomplicated and distracting, but observing the details of a jellyfish inspires one photographer's mindful journey.

Critters on Critters: A Photographer's Guide to Looking Closer

Underwater photographer Patrick Webster encourages viewers to take a closer look at creatures while diving or even in their favorite photos.

Marine Protected Areas May Hold the Secret to Our Ocean's Challenges

We as a dive community are stewards of this coming ocean, and how we tend to these rebounding resources now will dictate what version of the ocean we will be leaving for the next generation of divers.