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Stephen Gee

A long-time tech and fiction writer, Stephen began scuba diving in 2021. From learning to dive drysuits in Oregon and Washington to exploring the waters of Florida and the Caribbean today, Stephen is looking forward to more traveling, more writing, and more scuba diving.

Taking Care of Your Underwater Photographer

A guide to being the buddy of an underwater photographer, including what to expect, how to help them out as a fellow diver, and how to help them get great photographs.

8 Amenities to Look for When Booking a Dive Boat

A guide detailing eight amenities to look for, ask about or suggest when booking a dive boat. Suitable for people who haven’t booked any, or many, day dive boats.

Mobile Dive Shop, Seattle Dive Tours, Brings Gear and Comfort Right to the Shore

An interview with Seattle Dive Tours about how they bring comfort and education to shore diving in the Puget Sound and the Salish Sea.

Scuba Diving Fashion Wows at the Tacoma Arts Show

The Washington Scuba Alliance entertains and educates attendees at the 2023 Tacoma Arts on the Ave show with fashionable drysuit fits and ways they can help create sustainable marine environments in Washington state.