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How to Sustainably Celebrate the Holiday Season

The holidays are a notoriously wasteful time of year, but they don’t have to be. Follow this scuba diver’s guide to a low-impact holiday that doesn’t harm the ocean.

An Unforgettable Dive: Eye-to-eye With a Magnificent Manta Ray

Scuba divers love to share their favorite tips and tales from dive trips. This column highlights some of those. Ocean conservationist and sanctuary superintendent Sarah Fangman recalls a close encounter with a giant manta ray that seemed as engaged with her as she was with it.

I.CARE’s 2nd Annual Trash Derby: Putting Hope in Our Hands

Islamorada non-profit I.CARE will host their 2nd Annual Trash Derby from May 2-5, 2024. Anyone can participate in land or diving clean-ups for FREE to restore Florida’s coral reefs.

Jumping Into Jamaica: A Scuba Diver’s Guide to Paradise

Jamaica is a scuba diver’s paradise above and below the surface. Learn about what you can see, the best times to visit and more!

Life Gets Stressful; Diving Can Help

Scuba diving offers many benefits that align with recommended stress mitigation strategies, including deep breathing, regular exercise, time away from screens, meditation and connection with others.

A Serpent Submersion: Diving with Anacondas

As a leading wildlife photographer, Leighton Lum has come eye-to-eye with some amazing animals above and below the water. The dive he’ll never forget involves scuba diving with a giant anaconda in Brazil’s Pantanal region. 

Swimming With Whales: Does Human Activity Affect Orcas?

How is orca behavior affected by human presence? A group of 14 women spent three weeks snorkeling off the coast of Tromsø, Norway, to find out.

Conservation Couture: Fashions that Drive Change for the Ocean

New York Fashion Week is about so much more than clothing; the event highlights what matters to us and early cultural shifts. With the culmination of this year’s fashion week, we’re featuring looks from divers, designers and conservationists that support a healthier ocean.

The Ocean Festival You Need to Know About

Saba’s Sea & Learn festival fosters conservation, connection and change