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Travis Marshall

Travis Marshall is an Asheville, North Carolina-based writer and diver covering scuba diving training and travel.

In the Field: What It's Like to Be a Commercial Urchin Diver

One diver's plans to become a scientific research diver shift to harvesting urchins for a boutique market

The Path to Becoming an ROV Pilot

Remotely operated vehicles have become a mainstay in commercial diving in recent years. With more opportunities arising, it could be a good time to consider becoming a pilot.

The Art of Diving for Shipwrecks and Treasure

Searching for long-lost ships and the treasure they once hauled across the sea can be thrilling, but it’s also a lot of work. Here’s a taste of what to expect if you explore the deep blue for hidden gems.

Behind the (Underwater) Scenes: What it Takes to Be an Underwater Videographer for Netflix

The diving world is filled with people who have carved out unique careers for themselves as divers. Learn how this Canadian built her own film and water safety company for movies and TV shows.

Groundbreaking Depths: What It's Like to Work in the World's Deepest Pool

Hear from celebrity dive guide, tec instructor and media guru for the world’s deepest pool.

What It’s Like to Be an Aquarium Dive Safety Officer

Find out from diver Doug Batson what it takes to work as a dive safety officer in the aquarium industry.

Seeing in Depth: What it Takes to Create Underwater Maps

Peter McDougall and his team of dive mappers at Reef Smart Guides, help create detailed, waterproof dive site maps that divers use to navigate underwater

Ocean's Calling

Polar expedition guide Kayvon Malek gives advice on how to be a successful diver for polar cruises in locations such as Antarctica, Alaska and the Arctic.

What Is a Full Face Mask Diver Course?

The PADI Full Face Mask Diver course is the best way to learn how to use this piece of equipment.